divine order

All in Divine Order by Monica Andrews – Book Review

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God manifests His Divine Order in varied circumstances and events. He works in mysterious and marvelous ways.  All in Divine Order: Nothing Happens by Accident by Dr. Monica Young Andrews Book Review All in Divine Order: Nothing Happens by Accident is a short non-fiction book. Written by Dr. Monica Young […]

forest degradation

Forest Degradation: Its Causes and Effects

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Forest degradation is the long-term reduction in the overall capacity of a forest to produce or provide benefits. Its most significant impact is the loss of diversity.

air-purifying plants

Air-Purifying Plants You Might Want to Raise

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Air pollution stifles the growth of almost all living things. It threatens life itself. But Nature has gifted us with air-purifying plants to get by. 

blood river

Blood River by Tim Butcher – Book Review

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The 4,700-kilometer Congo River earns the name Blood River. Throughout history, it’s a flowing witness and washer of countless dead human bodies. It drowns the suffering of innocent souls that fall victims to the atrocities of the powers that be.   Blood River: A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart by Tim […]

flammulated owl

Flammulated Owl: How Much Do You Know About the Bird?

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The Flammulated Owl Needs Conservation The Flammulated Owl is one of the tiniest owls in the world. Its number is estimated at 5,500 and on the decline. Because of this, we encourage this bird is included in the Conservation list.   Atlas Obscura organizes an up-close flammulated owl observation in Utah […]

green thing

‘No Green Thing’ in the Old Days, Recycling Was the Norm

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No Green Thing But Recycling They Did in the Past  There was ‘No Green Thing’ during the days of our grandparents and the folks before them. But, they were conscious at reusing, recycling, and repurposing the things they had. It’s unwise, therefore, to accuse them of being indifferent to the […]


Auckland: The Third Most Liveable City in the World

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Home to friendly locals and immigrants You must experience Auckland for yourself. It’s the only way to understand why it is named the third most liveable city in the world. Auckland is a vibrant melting pot of cultures. It’s the largest Polynesian city in the world. And, this is obviously […]

leafy vegetables

Raw Leafy Vegetables: The Key to a Long Life

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Plant-Based Foods to a Healthy and Long Life Raw, leafy vegetables, which we know as salads, are strongly and positively associated with human longevity.  This is because these are the most nutrient-dense of all foods. While the most prevalent cancers are due to a deficiency in plant-based foods. I’ve talked […]

pancake money

Pancake Money: A Thriller by Finn Bell – Book Review

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Pain moves people to action… and you get more! The plot of Pancake Money revolves around pain. Pain is what motivates behavior, Professor Ann Bowlby told her Forensic Psychology class.   Pancake Money by Finn Bell Book Review One of the Forensic Psychology students takes Professor Ann Bowlby’s word to […]